A Case for Shamanism

Throughout my life I have always been searching for an answer to existence. Satanism, popular religions, gnosticism, arthurian legends, alchemy, mythology, philosophies, conspiracies and more... but in all these experiences and immersions I found nothing that felt right. Except for Shamanism.*


I think, for me, the -ism of choice (and I dislike labels and -isms in general) is Shamanism. It is a system of practices that have worked remarkably well for probably a million years or so. All the rest are but a few thousand years old. Like babies they are born out of a loss of contact with the shamanic world-view.

Shamanism differs all over the world, and so does particular beliefs... but they all share some common traits. The shaman is in modern terms an alienated being. S/he is usually artistic (sing, paint, sow, dance, drum, verse) and in good contact with the subconscious/dreams either through trance induced by some substance or by drumming or dance. The shaman is also of course a healer, and nature is the pharmacy. 

It is therefor logical to assume that alchemists, wizards and 'witches' are descendants of shamans. Making psychedelics or regular medicine, the shamans know how to cook up a brew just as well as alchemists, witches and wizards.

For me Shamanism is the area to be looking in. Even if the answers can only be found within the self I still feel Shamanism is a suitable path as internal journeys is what it is all about (with or without psychedelics).

Some might view the shaman as a glorified basket case, others as a god/wizard... but in my opinion a shaman is an artist... art is all about channeling. It is well documented that composers, writers and painters receive their art through something they can't explain... it is not inspiration... it is something more. No thought is needed, only action to place whatever is created on paper or canvas before the signal is gone. Great art is dictation... from god or a higher self or lizards (this we don't know yet for sure)...

...but in Shamanism this 'god' is usually Nature/Universe.

This does not mean that I am a shaman or that I want to be one, I am just saying that the world that surrounds Shamanism is a reality I prefer instead of all those other ones. 

There are of course bad shamans (I call them Siths) and good ones like Yoda or Laura (below).

Photo taken in the Amazon 2012.

Photo taken in the Amazon 2012.

For me I think it is very easy to tell who is corrupt and who is pure (just look at Darth Vader and at Yoda... pretty easy to tell who is the baddie... same if you look into the eyes of a shaman you can tell...).

This doesn't mean they can't be mischievous... shamans are tricksters and just because they might rip you off a little doesn't mean they are bad. It depends on what your view is on common ownership, money and customs. If a reality is all about sharing within the tribe, then being stolen from is almost a symbol of acceptance into the tribe (one could argue). I have not had any bad experiences personally.

So vote for Shamanism this fall!

(I support this message) 

Natural Born Alchemist © 18 November 2013

* I am aware that the word Shamanism is a white mans word, and that real shamans don't call themselves shamans... but rather than splitting hairs I decided to use this word so fuck you! :)