A mystery can never be a fact

The scientific method has validity in a lot of fields, but falls flat on its face when it concerns an understanding of the cosmos. That the universe sprung from nothing, and for no reason, could be true; but it still does not explain that the nothing it sprung from has to exist somewhere.

With every year that passes new theories are put forward regarding the beginnings of our universe. One suggests that the Big Bang was a collision of two universes; but again where did this collision take place? Where are we?

The trivial dominates our society. The sinister and violent acts that are committed daily around the globe are generally ignored. Social and cultural structures are funny, complete jokes as far as I am concerned. Governments, laws, regulations and religions are completely irrelevant. The very idea that there are entities and institutions that people deem powerful is utterly ludicrous. These don’t any real substance, no true physical manifestation (apart from maybe buildings) and no reason to exist.

I guess it could be said that our society is pathetic, and the most pathetic, annoying and moronic thing with the world right now is the fact that everyone thinks they know shit. Nobody knows fuck all. We are like toddlers adrift in the infinite cosmos of chaos. We don’t even know where we are, so how can we claim to know what is not?

The Divine Mystery (what I prefer to call God) cannot survive the scientific method, but not because it does not exist. It cannot survive because a mystery cannot be a fact. That is a paradox. If ever a mystery becomes a fact, it is no longer a mystery.

It would be like proving that I am alive by committing suicide, in order to show that I am clearly not alive anymore although I used to be. The proof would destroy the very thing I am trying to prove.

Some would say that this is a cop-out, but if you love somebody, do you need to prove it to a stranger? You would not need to do that, because you know.


Nothing has value that can be bought. Nothing is important unless it has value. You may not know where you are, but you MUST know that wherever you are that - in itself - is a miracle born out of a mystery.

Natural Born Alchemist © 27 January 2018