Episode 151: psychedelic musalman

In this episode my guest is Ian Benouis who is a West Point graduate, former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, US Army officer and combat veteran who participated in Operation Just Cause in the Republic of Panama. He is an activist for the beneficial use of plant medicine, especially for veterans with PTSD. Ian is also a Muslim and a psychonaut. Check out his website: www.psychedelicmusalman.com

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Words Have Edges


Episode 150: a son of god

In this episode we are going to listen to an excellent talk by philosopher Alan Watts regarding Jesus and Christianity. It will be a very enlightening hour... sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Dr. Franken-Rhyme




Episode 149: the honest drug book

In this episode we are going to talk drugs with the author of The Honest Drug Book Dominic Milton Trott. His book presents the hidden truth about a topic which touches the lives of almost everyone. It cuts through the blustering rhetoric of the war on drugs, and documents the facts about the subject in general, and about the individual drugs specifically. Check it out: www.honestdrugbook.com

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Sam Quick



Episode 147: the roots project

In this episode we are going to talk with Olly Boon from The Roots Project, which is an intercultural, grassroots regenerative record label. They connect indigenous artists to a selection of electronic music producers and coordinate global groove remixes of ancestral healing songs. Every digital sale directly supports indigenous artists and trusted nonprofits.

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Roots Project Records



Episode 146: politically correct

In this episode we are going to dive into the abyss that is called political correctness, as well as listen to an interesting talk by Terence McKenna lifted from the Psychedelic Salon podcast.

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Episode 145: dimethyltryptamine

In this episode my guest is author and DMT researcher Dick Khan. Check out his book DMT & My Occult Mind or connect with Dick on Facebook or Twitter.

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