Episode 231: evil archaeology

In this episode my guest is author, historian and renegade archaeologist Dr. Heather Lynn. Her book Evil Archaeology is an investigation into the historical and archaeological evidence of demons, curses, and possession featuring some of the most gruesome artifacts and sites ever discovered. Check out her website: www.drheatherlynn.com

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Episode 225: ancient psychedelia

In this episode we are looking at the ancient history of psychedelics with author Joshua Bempechat. Check out his website: www.ancientpsychedelia.com

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Episode 201: cultural discourse

In this episode my guest is John David Ebert. John is the author of 26 books, including Art After Metaphysics, The New Media Invasion, The Age of Catastrophe and Dead Celebrities, Living Icons. For three decades he has studied the morphogenetic dynamics of cultures, societies and civilizations. His website is: www.cultural-discourse.com

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Episode 168: the forgotten exodus

My guest in this episode is author Bruce R. Fenton and we are going to talk about his book The Forgotten Exodus – the into Africa theory of human evolution. This book argues that within the known fossil record, the current genetic studies and recent paleoclimate models there is compelling evidence for a superior theory of human origins, representing a paradigm displacement. Check out his sites www.brucefenton.info and www.ancientnews.net.

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Episode 161: the spirit in the sky

In this episode my guest is RN Vooght. After more than twenty years of extensive world travel researching ancient civilizations and their respective cosmologies, combined with self-imposed study of the metaphysical, the book The Spirit in the Sky was born. This work looks at the similarities between the constellation Orion and the molecular structure of DMT. And the similarities are striking I must say. Check out his Twitter.

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Episode 137: history ends in green

It is the last Sunday of the month and we are yet again going to listen to a pre-recorded talk, this time by the great Terence McKenna.

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Episode 135: everything is a rich man's trick

In this episode I am joined by Francis Richard Conolly, who wrote and directed the documentary JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick, which deals with the who, how & why of the JFK assassination (but also much more).

This documentary, that has been seen by millions of people and counting, is told from a historical perspective starting around the first world war leading up to present day. When watching this documentary you will know more about what happened in the past, and how the world is run today. Check out: www.everythingisarichmanstrick.webs.com

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Episode 133: the voynich manuscript

In this episode we are going to listen to Terence McKenna talk about the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. Check out www.voynich.nu if you want to find out more about this text. This talk was lifted from the Psychedelic Salon podcast.

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