Episode 197: new eyes

In this episode my guest is Steve Treu. Steve is an applied quantum philosopher, licensed professional counsellor and author. He assists people in exploring their infinite possibilities as they improve their lives through a variety of mind, body and spirit techniques. Check out his book New Eyes or his YouTube.

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Rhythm of Light

Episode 177: scientology

My guest in this episode is author, theatre director, actor and musician Sands Hall. She has recently released her book Flunk. Start. In this book Sands Hall chronicles her slow yet willing absorption into the Church of Scientology. Check her work out at

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Episode 170: mormonism

In this episode my guest is Shayne Snow, and he has got a direct experience with Mormonism.

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Episode 151: psychedelic musalman

In this episode my guest is Ian Benouis who is a West Point graduate, former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, US Army officer and combat veteran who participated in Operation Just Cause in the Republic of Panama. He is an activist for the beneficial use of plant medicine, especially for veterans with PTSD. Ian is also a Muslim and a psychonaut. Check out his website:

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Words Have Edges

Episode 150: a son of god

In this episode we are going to listen to an excellent talk by philosopher Alan Watts regarding Jesus and Christianity. It will be a very enlightening hour... sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Dr. Franken-Rhyme

Episode 29: personal relationship with god

In this episode I am talking to Jon Jorgenson. Jon is an actor, writer and motivational speaker. His passion is to help others discover their unique creative genius and inspire them to live the life of their dreams. Check out The Anima Series or his blog:

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The Anima Series 10x10