Episode 151: psychedelic musalman

In this episode my guest is Ian Benouis who is a West Point graduate, former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, US Army officer and combat veteran who participated in Operation Just Cause in the Republic of Panama. He is an activist for the beneficial use of plant medicine, especially for veterans with PTSD. Ian is also a Muslim and a psychonaut. Check out his website: www.psychedelicmusalman.com

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Words Have Edges


Episod 138: living in a mindful universe

In this episode my guest is author and academic neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander who spent over three decades honing his scientific worldview. He thought he knew how the brain and mind worked. A transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that – completely! His website is: www.ebenalexander.com

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Station Approach


Also check out Words Have Edges:


Episode 117: the importance of ritual

In this episode I am going to talk a bit about the importance of ritual when ingesting sacred plants. I have already written a bit about all this in the essay called The Importance of Ritual, although you will get a lot more information listening to this episode. I will also go into the medicine songs known as icaros, as well as a great deal on an encounter I had with God.

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Yuin Huzami




Episode 116: seth-ra

In this episode my guest is alchemist Jessie Fischer, also known in the online alchemical community as Seth-Ra. Currently Jessie is working as an Emergency Medical Technician.

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The Number Fox



If you want to get a copy of this book on alchemy click HERE for more information.

Episode 114: sacred and secret history

In this episode I am joined by author Mark Booth aka Jonathan Black who has written The Secret History of the World and The Sacred History. Check out his website www.markboothauthor.com or his Twitter @jblackauthor.

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Car Seat Headrest



Episode 110: future primitive

In this episode my guest is author and podcaster Joanna Harcourt-Smith. Check out her podcast: Future Primitive.

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The Y Axes



Episode 106: the drunken taoist

In this episode my guest is Daniele Bolelli. Daniel is an author, martial artist, university professor and podcaster. He is the author of several books including On the Warrior's Path and the man behind one of this worlds biggest philosophy podcasts The Drunken Taoist. Also check out his History on Fire podcast. For more information simply go to www.danielebolelli.com.

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Episode 82: dennis mckenna

In this episode I travelled to the conference Sumiruna Awakenings in Bucharest, Romania. There I had the great pleasure of talking to ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna. Dennis has recently published a book about his life with Terence McKenna. Check out more here: The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. You can also connect with Dennis on Twitter and Facebook.

Music featured in this episode:

Lars Eriksson