Episode 140: matt furie

In this episode I am joined by artist and comic book creator Matt Furie, who is also the man behind the world famous Internet meme Pepe the Frog.

In 2015 this character was adopted by the alt-right movement and was eventually marked as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamaton League. Since then Matt has publicly expressed his dismay at Pepe being used as a hate symbol, and killed the character off.

Check out Matt's Instagram and Tumblr account.

Music featured in this episode:

Days N Daze

Episode 112: the road to north korea

In this episode I am joined by photographer and traveller Michal Huniewicz, and we are going to talk about his trips to North Korea and Chernobyl. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter, or check out his photos at:

Music featured in this episode:

White Lighters

"Pluralism and individualism are regarded as the greatest enemy. I understood the significance of being able to drive a car anywhere you want, when you please, where you please - as our guide told us in North Korea you only travel big distances by bus or train, when you get permission." - Michal Huniewicz

Episode 98: gnosticism, art and music

In this episode we will listen to a talk by ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, and author Terence McKenna called Thoughts about Gnosticism, art and music that has been lifted from the Psychedelic Salon, which you can find at

Music featured in this episode:

Nameless Archive

Episode 80: salón arcano

In this episode I am joined by my friend Julián Moguillansky who runs the Salón Arcano website. The purpose of this site is to exhibit works that deny the existence of a dividing line between art and Hermetic philosophy, and to promote dialogue between the artists and audience. Have a look for yourself at:

Music featured in this episode:

Days N Daze

Episode 74: the focus of life

My guest in this episode is Roberto Migliussi. He is the founder of Idola Tribus, a fanzine published in the 80s that was dealing with music and iconic historical people. In the last decades he became a publisher and translated various Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare writings as well becoming a Peat therapist (Peat is a method of energetic psychology perfectioned by Zivorad M. Slavinski). We will mainly talk about magician and artist Austin Osman Spare's work The Focus of Life which Roberto, together with Lunus, set to music.

Music featured in this episode:

Lunus Milusic

Episode 52: angela edwards

In this episode I am joined by artist Angela Edwards. She paints, sculpts, writes and make films using such diverse subjects as sexuality, death, transgression through extremes, sacred sexwork, female psychosexuality, voodoo and more as her inspiration. Go to to check out her art some more.

Music featured in this episode:

White Lighters

Episode 29: personal relationship with god

In this episode I am talking to Jon Jorgenson. Jon is an actor, writer and motivational speaker. His passion is to help others discover their unique creative genius and inspire them to live the life of their dreams. Check out The Anima Series or his blog:

Music featured in this episode: 

The Anima Series 10x10

Episode 18: the egg and the martian

In this episode my guest is sci-fi author Andy Weir currently out with his first novel The Martian. Andy is most known for his viral short-story The Egg although that is probably about to change when the movie version of his novel hits the cinema on November 25th 2015.

Music featured in this episode:

Smooth McGroove

Below is the audio version of The Egg that I used:

Episode 6: son of strelka, son of god

This episode features an audio odyssey narrated by Barack Obama about a dog-headed demigod who rebuilds the world after it has been destroyed. This story/album was created by Dan Warren featured in episode 5. Please enjoy!

Music featured in this episode:

Dan Warren

Son of Strelka, Son of God (download of the full album starts instantly)

More information about the album


Below is some of the parts animated...