Episode 117: the importance of ritual

In this episode I am going to talk a bit about the importance of ritual when ingesting sacred plants. I have already written a bit about all this in the essay called The Importance of Ritual, although you will get a lot more information listening to this episode. I will also go into the medicine songs known as icaros, as well as a great deal on an encounter I had with God.

Music featured in this episode:

Yuin Huzami




Episode 81: weaving modern ritual

It’s the last Sunday of the month and as usual we are going to listen to a pre-recorded talk this time by ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison. The talk is called Weaving Modern Ritual from Traditional Roots and was lifted from the Psychedelic Salon podcast. Also check out Kathleen's own website: www.botanicaldimensions.org

Music featured in this episode:

Woven Songs of the Amazon

Barrett Martin