If you are on this page it means that I have asked you to appear as a guest.

Below you can find what all the necessary information you might need.

Previous Guests

Below is a very small sample of previous guests from over a 100 episodes.

Click on each name to be directed to that particular episode. 


Dennis McKenna - ethnopharmacologist

Rubaphilos Salflu√©re - alchemist

Dr. Rick Strassman - professor

Daniele Bolelli - professor

Jan Kounen - film director

Merete Christiansen - maps

Thomas Campbell - physicist

Mark Stavish - alchemist

Joanna Harcourt-Smith - podcaster

Dixon White - activist

Dr. Richard Alan Miller - polymath

Chris Kilham - medicine hunter




Since the series began in 2014 the number of listeners have grown rapidly. 

We now have, every month, almost 25 000 unique downloads of every episode, and many more are visiting the website.


A new episode is released every Sunday of every week, all year round. 

All episodes are free to listen to and share.


The interview takes about an hour and is done over Skype (audio only).

If for some reason this is not a possibility I can call you on the phone. 

The Skype you should add is: naturalbornalchemist

Before the interview we have to figure out what time zone you are in.

I am in Central European Time, UTC +01:00.


Naturally I will link to your websites and plug whatever you want to have plugged.