If you haven’t sat in an ayahuasca ceremony, with a real live ayahuasquero before you singing medicine songs, known as icaros, you will only understand a fraction of what I am about to say.

These songs have become a part of my being. They are as important to me as a Church is to a devout Christian. When I listen to them I am always transported back to past ceremonies and the messages I was given is returned to me, amplified.  Living life in modern society, even with such wisdom, is difficult and over time – if one is not vigilant – old habits quickly return. That is why some icaros mp3’s are always an important part of my tool kit.


Icaros is music for the spirit. They guide me. They embrace me. Inspire me. Makes me stronger. I will forever be grateful that they came into my life.

I recall my first ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon many years ago. I had read plenty about it, but still I could not prepare for what was about to happen to me. One aspect I had utterly missed was the fact that the ayahuasquero would sing to me, and when this happened I was at first surprised… and then as their primal natural nursery rhyme melodies entered my space I was in awe.

I did not expect that this music would have such an impact on me. When I have played this music to people who have not had a proper ayahuasca ceremony they usually don’t seem to like this music. I don’t know what it sounds like to – for a better term – the uninitiated, but I feel sorry that they cannot hear what I hear, or feel what I feel.


Wisdom is simple. When said or written it doesn’t sound that special. When it is experienced, when it is beheld, then it carries weight. It is in such visions that the simplicity of wisdom becomes true wisdom.

There is nothing to fear if your heart is pure. There is nothing stronger than unconditional love. There is nothing else than the everlasting eternal Light of the Divine Mystery.

Natural Born Alchemist © 1 January 2017