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AlteredAltered is an international gathering of consciousness explorers from all backgrounds to take part in talks, workshops and rituals on the subject of psychedelics, conscious practices, and social issues facilitated by leading experts and researchers.

deviadah - a company that produces books, music, films and art.

ErowidErowid is a member-supported organization providing access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues. It is the best go-to source for anything psychedelic.

Hermetic Vision - Hermetic shamanism and philosophy concerning the occult foundations of the Universal Virtual Reality Game. Advanced esoteric materials, products and services.

ICEERSThe International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS) is a philanthropic, tax-exempt non-profit organization (charity) dedicated to the integration of ayahuasca, iboga and other traditional plants as therapeutic tools in modern society, and the preservation of the indigenous cultures that have been using these plant species since antiquity on their habitat and botanical resources.

Joe Rogan Experience, The The podcast of comedian Joe Rogan that deals with consciousness expanding topics on a recurring basis.

Liberate LifeThis site is dedicated to discussions and exchanges dealing with practical and applicable concepts regarding Liberation from any and all restrictive and parasitical thought forms, paradigms, belief systems and fake reality constructs which block and restrict us from reaching our own immensely vast potential.

MAPSFounded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

My Big ToePhysicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE trilogy and international lecturer Thomas Campbell describes the nature of our larger reality, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and explains our purpose and connection to that larger reality. 

Nameless Archive - This is my music and it's all free to share and download.

Psilocene Foundation, The - an organization that embodies a growing set of initiatives to act upon psychedelic knowledge to obtain real change in the world and bring the psychedelic community together. 

Psychedelic Salon - A podcast for cutting edge information about the exploration and expansion of consciousness. Featured speakers include Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Erik Davis, Ann and Sasha Shulgin, Nick Sand and more.

Reality SandwichReality Sandwich is an on-line magazine of ideas for the transformational community that cover subjects like shamanism, non-local consciousness, visionary art, alternative economics, psychedelics, permaculture, transformational festivals, meditation, democratic engagement, near death experiences, and tantra, to name but a few.

TIMEWHEEL - An artistic collective, audiovisual production, studio and blog.

True ActivistWe believe that the mainstream media increasingly practices self-censorship, and that it ignores many opinions and historical events. With the media distorting or ignoring information, it’s often very hard to get an accurate picture of a problem. Please join the True Activist community as we try to understand what the root cause of all these issues are.


Illuminacion by Juan Carlos Taminchi