No Possessions

"Imagine no possessions..." - John Lennon

One of the major problems of the modern world is our addiction to possessions. Do we own our things, or do our things own us? All this started when we decided it was a good idea to stop roaming around, settle down, grow crops and draw borders all over the fucking place.

The Bavarian Illuminati that inspired the Illuminati (real or not) had one objective, amongst a few others, which was to Abolish Inheritance. I always liked this concept. Let every person born start from scratch. 

This sync with the Gnostic text The Gospel of Philip which states:

"Those who are heirs to the dead are themselves dead, and they inherit the dead."

This does not only apply to ownership or hording, but is a deeper philosophical concept about trying to hold on to a river that is always flowing. I never liked tombstones. It is a bit silly: "I was here from this date to this date."

Recently I started to read a little book called People of the Ucayali by Eakin, Lauriault and Boonstra. This book describe the culture of the Shipibo-Conibo people of the Peruvian Amazon, the same culture that has become so well-known for its ayahuasca ceremonies... 

One paragraph caught my eye. It said:

...many of a person's possessions are destroyed at his was burned... bow and arrows, canoe, and clothing are... burned or thrown into the river... when a woman dies... pottery made by her is broken; her clothes, pieces of cloth she wove, and even her weaving equipment are thrown out or burned...

I think it is a beautiful concept to not only burn the body, but also everything that person ever made or owned. As if the dead is forever gone, wiped out. Instead of this hording of tombstones and memorabilia and crap.

It is the cycle of life in all its glory!


Natural Born Alchemist © 18 June 2016