Quit Horror

I've quit horror films.

I used to enjoy them. Films like The ExorcistOmen, slasher movies etc... but one thought/vision I had in the Amazon doing ayahuasca was to stop watching such things. It gave me nothing but negative energy. 

I even thought I don't want my Exorcist DVD-box anymore. At first I figured I should give it away, but I didn't want anyone to receive bad energy as a gift from me. Then I thought I'd sell it, but I didn't want money from bad energy. What about just putting it amongst all my other crap in storage? No, I didn't want it to be there in a box... waiting for me...

Throw it away? Yes, the only solution.

Why announce this? 

Well it is another example of using the law of attraction to your own advantage. Sometimes there can be things in your life that you need to get rid of to feel better, happier... some of these things are obvious like a nasty addiction or some horrible person... other times it can be things that are almost invisible... like watching a horror film now and again.

Really? Why would we want to see such things? I have not yet gone that far but I could even argue why watch anything but so-called Chick-flicks?

Why do we need to be entertained with murder and violence instead of love? Why keep so much darkness in our lives?

Is it ignoring the dark? 

Is a woman who tries to avoid rapists ignoring being raped?

Although this is pretty funny in my opinion...

Natural Born Alchemist © 21 November 2014