Stumble the Walk

I am sure you have heard of the concept "walk the talk". I for one no longer think there is any merit in such a concept.

Perfect example: John Lennon sings about peace, love and no possessions. But he was very rich and apprently mistreated his child. 

So what?

How does that stain his message? Every single human being alive is crippled by weakness - some more or less. That is why we are here. In this game, this experience. 

Another example (but this point I am making can be applied to anything):

If a heavy smoker preach that smoking is bad for your health he is a hypocrite. Is he? No he is not. The wisdom is true. Smoking cigarettes is not good for your health. And even though he doesn't "walk the talk" he "stumbles the talk". He is at least in the knowing what the wisdom is, even if he fails to follow it. But he tries and at least he sends the message out into the world. 


And the message is always more important than the messenger. 

Natural Born Alchemist © 8 February 2016