Thoughts on Enlightenment

There is no such thing as achieving enlightenment. Anyone who claims to have achieved it reveal, in stating such a thing, to in fact not be enlightened at all. We do not need gurus, we need witnesses… and I am a witness; a witness to the awesomeness of what I call the Light. I am a witness to the Divine Mystery.

I am on the path of enlightenment, but I will not get there… why would I need to go to a place that I am already in? Why would I travel to Paris if I live in Paris? That does not make sense. 

To be on the Parisian path, to speak allegorically, might be to eat freshly baked baguettes every morning, walk along the Seine shopping for street art or find romance… this is to be on the Parisian path (at least in the stereotypical sense). So no I will not travel to enlightenment, rather I am simply walking the path of enlightenment. 

To walk the path does not imply that I am enlightened in this current manifestation, although in some way I am (as are you). 

It is my belief that we all entered life as enlightened beings (to some degree), but here in this game of reality we have limited ourselves to the human form. When we die we will merge, return if you will, to this higher state.

This higher state is always with us. If you are quiet you can hear it speak. If you stop looking you might see it. It is there. That true voice that feels like some sort of guide, some fairy godmother. That thing that you most of the time might ignore, especially when you know it was a bad idea not to listen to it. That voice. That being. That is you. It was always you.

My perspective is more about remembering enlightenment, rather than achieving it. That feat has already been accomplished pre-birth, but like any skill it deteriorates if not put to use. This is what happens when you grow up… you kind of grow down.

If I can manifest this higher state of being whilst still be in this material form I will achieve what could be called the Alchemical Wedding; and the consummation of the marriage will be my physical death.

So why are we even here on this Earth? What is the point? Why do we put ourselves through this experience if we are at one with the eternal Light?

It would be silly for me to claim an answer, and even sillier if I would listen to someone else give this answer, because we simply do not know. However my faith is in the Divine Mystery: that unknowable, yet – especially – in death, very familiar Light. 

I know that I do not know.

There is awe in seeing the Mystery for what it is: a mystery, but it can also be horrible to gaze into this abyss because – like Nietzsche writes in his book Beyond Good and Evil“…the abyss also gazes into you.”

The Divine Mystery is very much in the know of you and me, even if we might be in the dark of it. You might be concerned about the NSA or the CIA spying on you, but what you should really be concerned about is the “fact” that the Divine Mystery is keeping a very loving eye on your heart. All the time.

I view life as a Cosmic School and we are its students. The aim is to become Love in all its aspects. This is the ultimate feat and much harder than these words make it out to be.

Some might even view it as New Age mumbo-jumbo, which is fine… but do not come running to me when you discover that you will get an F. 

Language is a double-edged sword. It is very handy for communication, but words can create confusion and such an over-exposed, and over-used, word as Love has a great deal of baggage. I am not interested in semantics. When you have seen, felt and heard true Love there is no doubt. There is no question. There is no confusion. There is no fear. There is only awe. 

And there is only one thing you can do: serve

It is not easy, but even when only partially accomplished it is utterly glorious. And I am not talking about simply the love of another. I am talking about complete, unconditional love for everything… even the man who raped and killed your little new born child. Even for that person.

If you can reach such a state of love you will become an Angel of the Divine Mystery here on Earth… and such a level of love is feared, because human beings fear that which has no fear. Like Jesus they will probably kill you, which is fine because as Jesus said in Luke 23:34 [KJV]“for they know not what they do.”


Natural Born Alchemist © 29 December 2016