You got it!

Since time immemorial people have searched for enlightenment, liberation, freedom... whatever, but we already have all those things.

We are enlightened. We are liberated. We are free.

But in this current state of being (this physical Earth existence) we think we need to achieve those said states... but we have already achieved them long before we got here.

It is a well-known fact that people in extreme power often sexually get a lot of satisfaction from being subdued into bondaged, whipped, slapped etc. 

Same goes for the liberated... it feels nice to go down here into this body and be subdued by physical code and forget our liberated state.

Now you might say: why would someone/something that is truly liberated ever want to "sink so low" as to go back into a pre-liberated state?

There never was such a state. It was always liberation. Freedom. The entire reason for all of existence (this universe and all the rest) is a result of a liberated eternal energy wanting to be "tied up and fucked in the ass".

So enjoy the ride. It won't last long. Liberation on the other hand is forever. Muha ha ha.


Natural Born Alchemist © 5 September 2016