Episode 175: out of body experience

In this episode we are going to learn everything we need to know about out of body experiences. My guest is good friend, shaman, lecturer and storyteller Andro. Check his work out over at Hermetic Vision.

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Emily Cooper


Episode 112: the road to north korea

In this episode I am joined by photographer and traveller Michal Huniewicz, and we are going to talk about his trips to North Korea and Chernobyl. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter, or check out his photos at:

Music featured in this episode:

White Lighters

"Pluralism and individualism are regarded as the greatest enemy. I understood the significance of being able to drive a car anywhere you want, when you please, where you please - as our guide told us in North Korea you only travel big distances by bus or train, when you get permission." - Michal Huniewicz