Episode 221: david icke

In this episode my guest is author and investigative journalist David Icke. David has written over 20 books, made numerous DVDs and lectured in over 25 countries. He is most known for his conspiracy theories, but as far as I am concerned his greatest message is his wish for people to wake up and fill their hearts with love.

Renegade is the first ever feature film about the life and work of David Icke and it’s coming out later this month. See trailer below and or go to his website:

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Martin Noakes

Episode 192: conflict minerals

This episode is going to focus on what is happening in the Congo. To do something about it have a look at Enough Project - Demand The Supply.

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Episode 135: everything is a rich man's trick

In this episode I am joined by Francis Richard Conolly, who wrote and directed the documentary JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick, which deals with the who, how & why of the JFK assassination (but also much more).

This documentary, that has been seen by millions of people and counting, is told from a historical perspective starting around the first world war leading up to present day. When watching this documentary you will know more about what happened in the past, and how the world is run today. Check out:

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Episode 99: dr. richard alan miller

In this episode my guest is author and polymath Dr. Richard Alan Miller. His research in the field of paranormal began as a graduate physicist eventually working 11 years with the military intelligence agency of the United States Navy. During this period he produced numerous foundational papers, including A Holographic Concept of Reality and Embryonic Holography. He now writes for Nexus magazine and is also an author with numerous books under his belt. Check out his sites and for more information.

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