Episode 196: miscellany of sagacity 2.0

In this episode we are going to hear a mix of wise words from a wide range of people like for example David Bohm, Joseph Campbell, Anna Breytenbach, Coleman Barks and Terence McKenna... and many more.

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Episode 147: the roots project

In this episode we are going to talk with Olly Boon from The Roots Project, which is an intercultural, grassroots regenerative record label. They connect indigenous artists to a selection of electronic music producers and coordinate global groove remixes of ancestral healing songs. Every digital sale directly supports indigenous artists and trusted nonprofits.

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Roots Project Records

Episode 113: heart medicine

In this episode my guest is author Elizabeth Bast and artist Chor Boogie. Elizabeth has written a book called Heart Medicine: A True Love Story that tells an intimate story of a healing journey with the African sacred medicine known as Iboga in an effort to cure Chor Boogies heroin addiction. To find out more check out their individual websites: and

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Gabon People

Episode 7: ben and the bwiti

This episode features a talk with Ben who has spent a lot of time with the Bwiti in Gabon using their traditional medicine Iboga. In the episode Ben mention the website for his paintings. The URL is different so please instead go to:

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If you want to experience more of Bwiti music try THIS