Episode 212: psycherence

In this episode we are going to hear a selection of interesting clips from Psycherence, which is the Baltic’s biggest consciousness and psychedelics conference that gives us an opportunity to meet the planet’s four leading experts in the field: Susan Blackmore, Luis Eduardo Luna, Jeremy Narby and Dennis McKenna.

If you want to listen to the complete talks please go to where you can buy all of them for only 20 Euro (about 23 dollars). I have not been paid to endorse this, but please support this amazing conference.

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Music featured in this episode:

Glenn Miller

Episode 39: gold and silver

This is the second recording done during this years Alchemy Congress in Amsterdam. In this one I am joined by alchemist Salazius. Check out his blog: The Hermetical Blog of Salazius D'Artigné

Music featured in this episode:

Jim Dead

Episode 34: alchemy congress 2015

In May of this year there was an Alchemy Congress in Amsterdam. This episode is a recording of a talk we had during that event. The people speaking during this talk is, apart from myself, Andro, Salazius, Thoth and Algis. 

Music featured in this episode:

The Blue Shaman

Below is another great track not featured in this episode...