Episode 212: psycherence

In this episode we are going to hear a selection of interesting clips from Psycherence, which is the Baltic’s biggest consciousness and psychedelics conference that gives us an opportunity to meet the planet’s four leading experts in the field: Susan Blackmore, Luis Eduardo Luna, Jeremy Narby and Dennis McKenna.

If you want to listen to the complete talks please go to where you can buy all of them for only 20 Euro (about 23 dollars). I have not been paid to endorse this, but please support this amazing conference.

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Episode 207: the mind unfolds

In accordance with tradition I am going to close this fifth year of the podcast with an excellent talk by Terence McKenna.

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Episode 145: dimethyltryptamine

In this episode my guest is author and DMT researcher Dick Khan. Check out his book DMT & My Occult Mind or connect with Dick on Facebook or Twitter.

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Episode 139: sacred acoustics

In this episode my guest is Karen Newell who has spent a lifetime seeking wisdom through esoteric teachings and firsthand experience exploring realms of consciousness. She is co- founder of Sacred Acoustics, an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation. To find out more go to:

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Episode 134: life after life

In this episode my guest is near-death experience researcher and author Dr. Raymond Moody. Check out his website:

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Episode 128: dr. timothy leary

It's the last Sunday of the month and we are going to listen to a talk by psychologist, author and psychedelic prophet Dr. Timothy Leary given at Cooper Union, New York in 1964.

This talk was lifted from the Psychedelic Salon.

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Episode 125: dr. bruce damer - part one

This is part one of my talk with Dr. Bruce Damer. Bruce is a multi disciplinary scientist, designer, and author. Currently he collaborates with colleagues developing and testing a new model for the origin of life on Earth and in the design of spacecraft architectures to provide a viable path for expansion of human civilization beyond the Earth.

Bruce began his career in the 1980s developing some of the earliest user interfaces for personal computers, led a community in the 1990s bringing the first multi-user virtual worlds to the Internet, and since 2000 supported NASA and the space industry on numerous simulations and spacecraft designs. He has spent 25 years chronicling the history of computing in his DigiBarn Computer Museum and curates archives of counterculture figures such as Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and others. 

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Sam Quick

Episode 115: the consciousness of the sun

In this episode we will listen to a talk by Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon lifted from the Science Set Free podcast. The talk is called Is the Sun conscious?

Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books. He is best known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.

Mark Vernon is a writer and a journalist with a PhD in philosophy.

I also play a sample by Gregory Sams from Episode 65: sun of god.

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Episode 59: what's so great about shrooms?

In this episode we are going to listen to Terence McKenna. The talk I am going to play was recorded probably sometime in 1987 and is called What’s so great about mushrooms? This talk is lifted from the Psychedelic Salon podcast.

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Episode 55: the banned ted talks

In this episode I will be playing two banned TED talks. The first one is called The War on Consciousness and was given by author Graham Hancock (most famous for his books Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural). The second talk is by biochemist and author Rupert Sheldrake and is called The Science Delusion. For more TED talks go to

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