Episode 230: korrin xeke

In this episode my guest is good friend and music producer Dirk making his third appearance. Check him out in episode 11 and 132. You can get his new album here:

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Music featured in this episode:

Korrin Xeke

Episode 147: the roots project

In this episode we are going to talk with Olly Boon from The Roots Project, which is an intercultural, grassroots regenerative record label. They connect indigenous artists to a selection of electronic music producers and coordinate global groove remixes of ancestral healing songs. Every digital sale directly supports indigenous artists and trusted nonprofits.

Music featured in this episode:

Roots Project Records

Episode 74: the focus of life

My guest in this episode is Roberto Migliussi. He is the founder of Idola Tribus, a fanzine published in the 80s that was dealing with music and iconic historical people. In the last decades he became a publisher and translated various Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare writings as well becoming a Peat therapist (Peat is a method of energetic psychology perfectioned by Zivorad M. Slavinski). We will mainly talk about magician and artist Austin Osman Spare's work The Focus of Life which Roberto, together with Lunus, set to music.

Music featured in this episode:

Lunus Milusic

Episode 56: naturelovescourage

In this episode we will talk with Jacques Olivier who is the man behind NatureLovesCourage and friend of the late Terence McKenna.

Music featured in this episode:



Terence McKenna outside his house in Hawaii.

Episode 49: miscellaneous songs

In this episode I will play some songs that don't really fit in any other episode. So if you want to hear some music that you might have not heard before then push play and enjoy.

Music featured in this episode:

Love Button

Nameless Archive

Days N' Daze

Car Seat Headrest

Dan Warren

Episode 45: fire mane

In this episode my guest is musician, healer and artist Fire Mane. We talk about indigenous culture, shamanism, healing, san pedro and more. Fire Mane will also perform live two very beautiful shamanic channelings.

Music featured in this episode:

Fire Mane

Episode 42: killah priest

In this episode I’m talking to rapper Killah Priest that is known for his intense and spiritual lyrics. Killah Priest is a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate and also part of the supergroup HRSMN. 

Music featured in this episode:

Killah Priest