A Light Perspective

Everything you experience in life is either an obstacle or an experience. From such happenings you will either suffer from an emotion or experience an emotion. Even the worst thing imaginable is either just that or an experience. Does this mean if you only experience you are cold and empty?

The experience is an experience of the light.

Ask yourself if an obstacle, suffering or the worst thing imaginable is darkness or light? Without darkness there can be no light. But light does not require darkness. Contradiction you say? Or the most important perspective?


There is always light. There is always peace. There is always love. Even in the most heinous act you can find it, experience it... If you have not been lost in darkness the light will not be as visible. But it is always there. The light reveal that it had been dark. Before this how could we know? A baby comes into the light from the dark. And it enters a world where light seems dim. Where, with age, with toil, suffering and despair it grows even more dim. Till death comes and you return to the light.

If a book is read in a dimly lit room what do we do? We light another light. Same in life. If the worst of the worst darken your day should you darken yourself with despair or turn to the light and light your path out of the blackness of the cave you stumbled into?

In suffering it is easier to find blame. It is easier to find hate. It is easier to find pity. But to find light is the easiest thing to find because it need not be found. It is already present. All you need to do is allow the shine... on you.

When the sun is too strong and bright you might sit in the shade. When it is cold and cloudy you might look for a place where the sun might reach you. The sun does not care if you are warm or cold. Its light shines constantly. Even at night when the Earth blocks its beams by turning around. There is no dawn. There is no dusk. The Earth just happens to spin. As does your life.

It spins forever.

Natural Born Alchemist © 15 March 2016