Unconditional Love

I have talked about unconditional love with a lot of friends over the years. Some say it is impossible, some say it does not exist. Some even do not understand conditional love… and certainly not unconditional.

Since I had my daughter I have more wisdom regarding this eternal discussion regarding unconditional love... or simply love... anyway what people mean when they say "unconditional love" is exactly what I feel with my daughter.

I have never had such an experience of "love" before. I can not put it in words, but I know it will never die… it will never weaken.


Now here is the challenge: the way I feel about my daughter I should feel about everyone in the world. That is why the words of Jesus, or similar people like him in the past, are so easy to agree upon, but to live those words 24/7... well that requires a damn saint.

Although it is pretty funny that everyone can be such a saint... it is not like you need an education, money or status to show unconditional love to everyone. You only need some balls. I'm trying to grow a pair.

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