For most people the term Jihad is deeply connected with terrorism, however this is not really accurate. It is the same with the fate the Swastika suffered when the Nazis adopted it, as well as most recently what happened to the popular meme Pepe the Frog. Something that starts out with positive vibes are, when touched by the hands of ignorant assholes, turned into something negative.

Jihad basically represents the struggle with the self and with God, and is classified in two groups: the lesser Jihad and the greater Jihad. Like in alchemy this is the Islamic version of the above and the below.

The lesser Jihad is the Holy War that Jihad is mostly known for, however the concept of Holy War is – much like the concept of the Spanish Inquisition – something that has been concocted by the organizer of Islam. Such people, or groups, have complete lack of spiritual and divine energies, and are only focused on power and greed. All religions have these people, and they are ultimately irrelevant. At least to me.

In Islamic Mysticism, also known as Sufism, there is the concept of the greater Jihad, which is the struggle against oneself… and the struggle to be at one with the Beloved (Allah, God, the Source… etc.). Or in other terms it is the struggle within oneself against sin, but yet again sin did not originally mean what it is represents now.


Sin was simply missing the mark, falling of the wagon… not seeing the forest for the trees etc. We are all on a spiritual quest of some sort, consciously or not, and for me personally I am always at war, in the realm of the greater Jihad.


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