To give or not to give

For many years now I have struggled with the concept of giving money to beggars. When I was younger I figured that it is useless, since they will only spend it on drugs. As I grew older I thought maybe I just give to those beggars that seem to need money for food, and not for drugs. These days I don't give a fuck. I only give.

I am not saying what you should do, only what I do. Because it is not my vocation, or my obligation, to judge what anyone does with whatever I give them. That is their problem. It is not the fact that they need money, and that I give them some, that is a step towards the solution. It is the act of love that matters. The act of compassion.

To give, without having any sort of condition on the gift, that is the true value. When you think about it, if you apply conditions to a gift you are kind of an asshole. So simply give. That is all you need to do.


You can also always talk to them, look them in the eyes and treat them as human beings. That gift is equally valuable for such people. Sure there are criminals and assholes begging on the streets, but you are not responsible for their soul. You are only responsible for your own.

Give. Love. Go forth.

Natural Born Alchemist © 25 November 2017