Alchemy Forums Anthology

For almost a decade now I've been a part of an online forum about alchemy. Recently we published a book called the Alchemy Forums Anthology.


The age of computer technology provides many kinds of forums for individuals to come together, to express themselves, and to develop and expand their minds through interaction. Esoteric philosophers, mystics, shamans and alchemists find much more in these communities than simple pleasures: the involution of their spirit and the evolution of their soul within a virtual vessel.

It is hard to point out the true origin of these essays. The most that can be said is that members of Alchemy Forums wrote them. Each of these free people follow their own paths and belong to their own local communities, but have fortunately come together to share their experiences and understanding of reality in a common place.

You, dear dreamer, will have to imagine them individually according to their essays, the collection of which is the result of many years of conversation, personal research, trial and error, and the fellowship found behind a computer screen.

Herein are the varied, personal interpretations of experience from alchemists working with any matter they set within their minds.

Solve Et Coagula.


  • Internal Alchemy: Lunar Initiation by Salazius
  • Medicinal Preparations of Gold by theFool
  • Psychedelica Alchemica by dev
  • Sixteen Alchemical Dreams by Kiorionis
  • Donum Dei by solomon levi
  • Spagyria by solomon levi
  • RICHKER by zoas23
  • Hermetic Vision by Androgynus
  • Cover and illustrations by sleeveless

The book has 126 pages and 8 original illustrations. It is printed in a limited edition of 99 copies, and not that many remain. 

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