There is only good in this world.

There is no evil. Instead there is maturity, and there is immaturity. Because what harm can you do in a boundless universe? What can you really do to an infinite life… to an eternal light? Well, nothing is what you can do. Not a thing.

This body you inhabit, yes it can be harmed and destroyed… but you? You cannot be. Therefore there is no evil, only immaturity.

A murderer is immature. A healer is mature. A rapist is immature. A lover is mature. All are equally valuable. All are equal in light… in the light.

On the surface of the vast ocean of time and space we are all drops, and what we do to each other we have to answer to eventually, but not in the sense that we are going to be rewarded or punished.

The answer will be maturity or immaturity. The crystal clear understanding that you are spiritually still a baby, or a grown being.

With age we automatically mature, for some it takes longer than others. Gods are older than us, they are wiser… they are more mature. So why call them gods? Is your mother and father a god? They are guides, and if they are immature go out and seek better, more mature, guides.

In fact if you are mature enough you don’t even need gods (guides). And if you are really mature you acknowledge you did need a guide. Because if you are still in this world, on this planet, then you are still somewhat of a baby. You are still, to a degree, immature.

Hopefully you are less immature than a rapist, or a bloodthirsty politician or a scoundrel… but immature you are.

But not bad. Not evil.

We strive to mature; we strive to be good. But we can never be evil. We can never truly, on the REAL scale of things, hurt or harm anything.

We can only be immature!

One day you will be picked up... not when you live right... not when you are right, but when you are ripe!


Natural Born Alchemist © 17 November 2014