Is God the Creator? Or are we just here on chance thanks to the Big Bang? Is the truth Intelligent Design or Evolution?


For me God is the Creator, and God created Evolution. So in a sense "yes" on all accounts. Although as always God is a problematic word, and I prefer to use the term Divine Mystery.

This Divine Mystery, this origin/source, the uncreated self-generating mystery - that some call God - is a Creator. 

The Kogi people have a creation myth, which is one of the best I have ever come across, and it goes something like this (check out the documentary Aluna):

In the beginning there was nothing. All was darkness. There was nothing at all. Only the mother. She was Aluna. She was pure thought. Without form. She began to think. The mother conceived the world in the darkness. She conceived us as ideas. As we think out a house before we begin to make it real. She spun the thread. Spinning us all in the story. Creating us in thought. And then came the light. And the world was real.

Notice that the "nothing" is not nothing, because Aluna/God was there. Meaning "nothing" + "god" is the same thing... or there would be just nothing.

The Macrocosm of the Divine Mystery is Creation... and that is why the highest form of endeavour a humans can take up is the Microcosmic form of Creation i.e. shamanism, art, alchemy, music, literature, films, love (babies)...

We must be a mirror the "man" upstairs.

far side

Sacred Art of the highest order achieves transcendence for the practitioner (for the creator). Complete passivity will lead nowhere. The silent monk who does nothing has validity, but we must not be fooled that such a monk does "nothing"... that he is trying to avoid any form of creation. Far from it.

To be able to achieve complete unity with the mind of the Divine Mystery, with the unknown nothingness, is a Creation of achieving "true" perception and ultimately a liberation from the Creation in the first place.

Like the song goes... "row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily... life is but a dream".

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