We are who we want to be.


We have to fully grasp the concept that this world isn't real. 

Terence McKenna called it a world made up of language. The Wachowski Brothers called it a matrix. Bill Hicks called it a dream. Thomas Campbell calls it a world of information (a data stream). Others have called it holographic.

Every part contains an image of the whole.

universal eye

The discussion/debate might arise from the metaphor we choose to use. Let's not confuse ourselves. Call it what you will. Call it Maya. Illusion.

I know people that find this horrifying. The fact that everything you touch is not there. Everyone you meet is only an avatar of sorts. All the beauty. All the ugliness. All the love. All the hate.

All fake. All illusionary.

Nothing can harm you. No one can you harm.

So what is the point?

universe hands

All wisdom is eternal no matter what religion speaks them, no matter what prophet... if it is wisdom its messenger is irrelevant.


And on and on... so what is the point? 

Well... How do you walk into the infinite unknown? 

As a beggar? As a scumbag? A liar? A thief? A killer? A warrior? A poet? A lover? 


Welcome to Creation!


Natural Born Alchemist © 8 April 2014