The Delusion of Reality

It is easy to state that reality is an illusion. Not everyone is a "Neo"... the reality of reality is very overpowering. Only in death will we truly "see" the illusion of reality.


But there is another aspect which I think is worth talking about: the delusion of reality. The illusionary aspects of reality is something we don't really necessarily have to concern ourselves with. After all there is very little we can do about it. But the delusionary qualities of reality, well that is something that can be taken care of right away. 

A delusion is having a false, or unrealistic, belief or opinion... one such opinion is that reality is real. Now you could argue that there is no way for anyone to know if this is true or not, so perhaps I am delusional in stating that reality is an illusion. But since everything I write is only my own perspective... and since they are all based on direct experiences... then I must conclude that what I think about reality is in fact the true state of affairs... for me.

Because I only value direct experience, and I can only speak from my own perspective. I am only preaching to myself. Now I would not be surprised if society at large would consider my views on reality to be delusional, but I don't care if they think that because "common knowledge" is usually delusional by default as it is built on a foundation of indirect experiences - not direct experiences.

When we think about reality not being real we might think about the chair we are sitting in, that it is really not there. We might look out the window and whatever we see is really not there. That it is all a virtual reality. If we could, we could and would, walk right through the wall. Because the wall is not there. 

But all this only concerns the "matter" aspects of reality. And that is quite boring. This part of reality does not really matter if it is real or not real. By being able to perceive that the chair you are sitting in is only in your mind is not something that will change your life.

What about your best friend? Is he or she real? What about your mother? To be fair it is impossible to know as I cannot enter the mind of my mother and find that out. But my stand is that my mother's spirit is real. Her physical body is not. Her gender is not. Even many of her traits are not real. Just different apps she's downloaded.

Imagine you go to the bank to get a loan for a new car. You set a meeting and meet your bank manager. He wears a suit. He has a diploma from the Bank School. And he has the right to grant you a loan. In a sense it is a business transaction. And regardless of what papers you need it comes down to a face to face meeting. 

I have already stated that the body of the bank manager is not real. The building itself is not real. But most important the event itself is not real. This is where the delusion comes in. Maybe that is why I love when the Joker says: Why so serious?

Another example to try and explain what I mean concerns the law. Here is a quote by comedian Joe Rogan: 

"Law is a bunch of words written on paper by people who are generally considered to be liars and thieves."

The reason I bring up laws are because they are one of the most "real" things in our lives. Most people follow them without question. Same with traditions. Same with language. Same with gender roles. And on and on.

All these things are delusions of reality. 

The only thing real in the unreal reality you find yourself in is YOU and how you feel about it, and ultimately what you do. Anything else is a delusion. 

If it is your own delusion then go with it... but if you are following the delusion of others stop and consider what is going on. 

Natural Born Alchemist © 24 July 2016