The Dreamer

Now when we finally meet...
Can you remember me?
I was always there.
from the beginning.

You didn’t fall into this world.
The world fell out of you.
I fell out of you.
You are what you have created.
And I am too.

I have been looking for you.
You have been looking for me.
I am always so happy,
when we reconnect.

You were trying to find me...
here on Earth,
or inside your heart.
But I am the Earth.
I am the heart.

You cannot find me.
I am always here.
When you discover yourself.
You discover me.
Use science or use prayer.
No matter I am here.

I was, I will be.
I am all.
I am nothing,
without you.
And you are nothing,
without me.

We share the dream...
But who is the dreamer?


Natural Born Alchemist © 6 September 2015