You can find it in the most impressive Cathedral managed by corrupt pedophiles. You can find it in the most beautiful Mosque that even the most heinous suicide bombers visit. You can find it in the most peaceful Ashrams of India surrounded by indescribable poverty and misery. You can find it at music festivals drenched in drunken confusion. You can find it in the City, amongst the cars and shops. You can find it in Nature... it is everywhere. You can find it in the toilet.

The most important thing is everywhere. That is why everything is useful. 

So why limit the options we have? 

Praise Jesus on your toilet seat. 
Kneel before Allah at the Ashram. 
Meditate on the altar in the most Catholic Cathedral you can find. 
Baptise yourself in McDonalds, with the Coca-Cola refill tap.

What is achieved on the outside, becomes what is on the inside.


Natural Born Alchemist © 22 March 2018