Praise to the Divine Mystery

divine mystery

I will never know your name,

but you do not need one.

You are not a you,

perhaps not even an I.

From the perspective of me,

and stripped of all titles,

left is only grace and the Divine Mystery.

I see that when I experience your presence.

In an old tree, in a leaf decaying on the ground.

In the ocean, in the microbe.

I see it in my reflection, it is the sparkle in all our eyes.

In the sky, deep in space.

All the stars, in all our hearts.

There is a grace.

There is a divinity,  

that cannot be understood with language.

These words are a poor attempt.

It can only be experienced,

and even then it is still what it will always be:

a Divine Mystery...

But it need not be understood.

We do not know why we dream, but we do.

We do not know why we love, but we do.

When you open your eyes you see,

but you can see with eyes closed.

Can you stop listening?

Your ears are always receiving.

And breathing,

you do it till you do not and then this life is finished.

All these things we do not fully comprehend,

but we take pleasure regardless.

The Divine Mystery is the same.

It is there regardless of our understanding,

regardless if we take notice or not.

But I like to think that a life,

where you allow to see, to hear, to feel

and to wonder about the Divine Mystery,

is a life more complete.

Natural Born Alchemist © 15 June 2016