Inside Out

Something that my shamanic infused altered states of consciousness have imparted on me recently is the notion that there is no inside, nor outside.

The normal state of mind is that when I am inside my house, I am indoors. And when I walk out, I am outside... outdoors.

But a few months ago when I was doing a ceremony in the forest I for some reason thought I was indoors. It took a while before I came to terms with the fact that apparently I was outside, and then it his me. 

I am always outside, outdoors. Just because I have created a little box to crawl into does not mean I am safe. It simply gives me a perception of being somewhere, instead of understanding that I am already somewhere

I understand that this naturally evolved in ancient times from the fact that we need some sort of shelter, and I understand that... but what this has resulted in - especially in this modern lifestyle we all enjoy - is that we clearly differentiate between being inside and outside... (at least I used to), as if these two had some significant difference in terms of my place in the universe.

I am always outside... or always inside... depending on my outlook. Yes, I am always somewhere, even if this place is nowhere... or everywhere.


Natural Born Alchemist © 13 September 2016