What we want we've always wanted

Let me speak for the whole human race, why not?

What we all want, basically, is some of the following - in some degree or another: love (partner, family, friends), a home to keep us dry and warm, food and peace. 

100 000 years ago, and now in 2016 when I am writing this, we still want these same things. The, to my mind, false propaganda that we have evolved and achieved so many things does not impress me. 


We still yearn for these basic things I have already mentioned. None of our technological or political advancements has given us any of those things we most of all want. In a sense it has made it even more difficult these days to just live the simple life. The further we go from the origin state of humanity the more confused and complicated we make it. 

I am not saying we should de-evolve as a race, but I think as an individual I try to look at everything I do and see and experience from the perspective of a monkey man that is standing before the universe, and looking into the very concept of being conscious and physically alive in this strange realm. 

Everyone knows money can't buy happiness, but it can buy comfort. But this is a lie that only the poor believe. The rich believe it even more. 

All those things monkey man wondered about, the real questions, science has still failed to answer. And never will. 

Look at the core of everyhing and you can easily see if it is empty, or a path to one of those simple things we need like love or home or food. If it is not, don't do it. It only leads into an abyss of shit.

Natural Born Alchemist © 1 July 2016